Our services - Hernandez Installation Services
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Our services

Warehousing and Storage

We provide short-term storage while a project is staged, or long term storage of your excess furniture systems, we provide full-service warehousing facilities. We maintain a large fully staffed warehouse in Placentia, CA where we can receive your items and keep an inventory, then deliver them as needed for install or reconfiguration projects.


We Install all types of Modular furniture systems, including free-standing furniture, wall-mounted furniture, shelving systems, partial walls, and much more. Our professional furniture installation crews can quickly receive, stage, unpack, and install a wide range of modular furniture systems with minimal disruption to your customer operations or downtime. We provide daily progress reports and a final punch list at the end of each job to ensure that your project is fully complete.


We handle small jobs like changing the height of a work surface, or moving a desk from one office to another, as well as large jobs, like changing every cubicle from private, high panels to short panels. We can help to identify existing inventory that can be used or if you will need to order new items. When it is time to reconfigure, we will tear down the old items and re-install the new items per the new layout.


Whether the move is within the building, across the street, or to a different city, we are equipped to handle any size job. We will help you in all phases of the moving process including, planning, teardown, transport, or re-installation of your furniture. We provide disposal service of any unwanted furniture and we can also provide moving boxes/crates, moving labels, and other packaging materials.

Maintenance & Furniture Cleaning

We provide a one-time service or daily service for ergonomic adjustments, interior office moves, or additional facilities support. We also provide fast and efficient cleaning services of your furniture system or chairs utilizing commercial cleaning machines and chemicals ensuring that your furniture dries quickly by recovering the maximum amount of cleaning solution. We can clean items at the site or bring the items to our facility and clean them.

So whether we receive, deliver, reconfigure, install, relocate or┬ámaintain your modular furniture, we only have one goal and it is “To provide the best service available” and that every occupant of each office or cubicle is happy with the┬áservice that we were assigned to perform!!